Celebrating a special occasion, or just want to hangout at home chilling in pyjamas having a soulful Indian meal? Now it's easier than ever! With Order Indian food online in Amsterdam from Cuisine of India, we have made it convenient for our customers to get food delivered at their doorstep.
Whether you are a busy professional seeking to relish a delightful meal without the hassle of cooking, a local gastronome with an appetite for authentic flavours, or a tourist yearning to savour a taste of India, online Indian meal ordering in Amsterdam is a gastronomic revelation.

Make Your Online Indian Meal Ordering Simple With Us

When it comes to ordering Indian food online in Amsterdam, simplicity and convenience are necessary. At Cuisine of India, we have streamlined the process to ensure that your culinary journey is not only delicious but hassle-free. Ordering your favourite Indian dishes online in Amsterdam is as easy as a few clicks on your smartphone or tablet. Here's how we make it a seamless experience:

  • User-Friendly Interface
    We have made sure that we present a user-friendly website that has an easy-to-navigate interface designed with you in mind. It ensures that your online ordering experience is effortless and efficient.
  • Customisation Made Easy
    We understand that every palate is unique. That's why we offer a simple and effective approach to personalise your meal. You can easily tailor your order to suit your taste. Whether you prefer your dish spicier, with less oil, or with specific ingredients, don't hesitate to make special requests and we will execute your requests.
  • Clear Dietary Information
    We care about your well-being. If you have dietary restrictions or any kind of allergies, please let our chefs at Cuisine of India know. Your health and preferences are our priority, and we will take them into consideration when preparing your meal.
  • Wide Range of Choices
    Our diverse menu caters to all palates. From vegetarian delights to succulent chicken tandoori dishes, we offer a vast selection to ensure that there's something for everyone. Explore regional diversity, fragrant curries, and fiery flavours, all from the comfort of your home.
  • Pocket-Friendly Prices
    We understand that quality food ordering should also be affordable. At Cuisine of India, our pocket-friendly prices allow you to enjoy authentic Indian cuisine without breaking the bank. Enjoy the rich flavours of India without straining your budget.
  • Authentic Indian Food in Amsterdam
    Our commitment to authenticity is unwavering. Every dish at Cuisine of India is prepared with a dedication to preserving the true flavours of Indian cuisine. We bring the vibrant streets of India right to your doorstep, ensuring an authentic experience.
  • Prompt and Reliable Service
    We realise that timing is crucial. That's why we guarantee timely delivery, ensuring that your food arrives hot, fresh and ready to be enjoyed. Your satisfaction is our commitment.
At Cuisine of India, online Indian meal ordering is not just about food; it's about creating a memorable dining experience right in your own space. We are committed to making it simple, convenient, and tailored to your preferences.

Cuisine of India: An Epicurean Haven

Amid the diverse selection of online Indian meal ordering options in Amsterdam, Cuisine of India emerges as a veritable paragon of authenticity and excellence. Nestled in the heart of the city, this venerable Indian restaurant extends its exceptional dining experience to your home through the convenience of online orders.

An Abundance of Indian Delicacies

One of the most alluring facets of online Indian meal ordering from Cuisine of India is the sheer profusion of delectable Indian dishes at your fingertips. The menu is a veritable odyssey through the regional diversity of Indian cuisine, encompassing the fragrant curries of the North to the fiery exuberance of the South. Whether your palate craves the familiarity of classics like Paneer Tikka Masala or the allure of distinctive offerings like Soya Chaap Masala, Cuisine of India ensures your cravings are met.

The restaurant's menu is a tapestry of Indian culinary excellence, graced by succulent tandoori delights, hearty curries, and wholesome vegetarian options that beckon both herbivores and carnivores alike. Each dish is meticulously prepared to ensure an authentic and immersive journey to the bustling streets of India.

Top 5 Dishes to Order Online

When you explore our online menu, you'll find a world of flavours waiting to be savoured. These top 5 dishes have won the hearts of our patrons and are sure to make your online dining experience exceptional:
  • 1. Chicken Tikka Masala:
    Experience a classic favourite with our Chicken Tikka Masala. Succulent chicken pieces, marinated and grilled to perfection, are immersed in a rich and creamy tomato-based masala. It's a dish that defines indulgence.
  • 2. Lamb Curry:
    If you like the deep, hearty flavours of lamb, don't miss our Lamb Curry. Tender lamb pieces, simmered in a flavorful gravy infused with aromatic spices, promise a truly satisfying culinary journey.
  • 3. Paneer Tikka:
    Delight in a vegetarian masterpiece with Paneer Tikka. Marinated paneer cubes, expertly grilled, emanate a smoky, charred aroma that pairs exquisitely with the rich, tangy masala.
  • 4. Vegetable Biryani:
    Our Vegetable Biryani is a fragrant and colourful medley of aromatic basmati rice and fresh vegetables, perfectly cooked to create a complete, wholesome, and delicious meal.
  • 5. Chana Masala
    Travel to the vibrant streets of Delhi with our Chana Masala. This spicy chickpea curry, prepared with a blend of aromatic spices, captures the essence of Indian street food, offering an exciting adventure for your taste buds.

Whether you prefer succulent meats, indulgent curries, or vibrant vegetarian delights, our menu has something to satisfy every palate. As you place your online order with us, consider adding these beloved dishes to make your dining experience truly exceptional.

Order Delicious Indian Food Online Today

Order Indian food online in Amsterdam from Cuisine of India is more than just an ordinary meal, it's a gastronomic expedition. It's an avenue for embarking on a captivating journey into the diverse and delectable realm of Indian cuisine, all from the comfort of wherever you are. The restaurant's unwavering commitment to authenticity and quality ensures that every morsel is a symphony of flavours and an immersive experience.

So, if you find yourself in Amsterdam, craving the enchanting flavours of India, don't hesitate to indulge in the convenience of online Indian meal ordering. Opt for Cuisine of India to unlock a dining experience that's just one click away.

The world of Indian flavours beckons – explore, order, and revel in the culinary treasures of India, courtesy of Cuisine of India.